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In this blog you can find the articles related to the very interesting facts behind the things.

This blog will help you to explore your mind and enhance your knowledge.

About Founder/Author :

Munish Kumar is the Founder of this blog. He is Post Graduate in Microbiology. He has completed his PG Degree From a Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab.

He loves to do Blogging related to Facts Behind the things . He is also proficient in Photoshop , Video Editing and Video Making .

Munish Kumar also loves to make YouTube videos . His Channel on youtube is FactsBehindHindi. On this channel, he uploads videos related to facts behind the things. 

About Editor :

Munish Kashyap is the individual Editor of Facts Behind Hindi. He has Completed his Primary Education (10 & 10+2) from P.S.E.B in 2008 & 2010 and received his degree in Microbiology From Punjabi University Punjab.

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